How to recover access to the bitcoins in your 2fa wallet

Note: Background information about 2fa wallets is given here.

To recover access to your 2fa wallet you need one of the following:

  1. The wallet seed mnemonic which consists of 12-25 random English words. You can use that to restore your wallet. The guide here is for standard wallets but the steps 1-4 are the same. After that you just follow on-screen instructions for the rest.
  2. The wallet file, wallet file password (if any) and the 2fa shared secret on your mobile phone so that you can generate one time passwords (OTP) when you need to spend your bitcoins. Note that in most authenticator apps like google authenticator or authy the entry for your 2fa wallet will be called “Trusted Coin” after the co-signing company.
  3. The wallet file, wallet file password (if any) and control over the email address you gave trusted coin when originally creating the wallet. You can contact trusted coin and ask them for help. They will reset your 2fa protection and send you the details on the email address you used when originally creating the wallet.

If you don’t have the seed of your 2fa wallet I strongly recommend moving your coins to a new wallet because if you lose your phone you won’t be able to spend your bitcoins. More about creating new wallets here.