Creating a watch-only version of your 2fa wallet

A 2fa wallet is a type of multisig wallet. More information about how 2fa wallets work is given here.

  1. Before you can create a watch-only version of your wallet you need to collect the 3 Master Public Keys (MPK) of the 3 cosigners. You can get the MPKs via wallet menu > information:

    Copy the 3 MPKs to a text file and transfer it to the PC where you want to create the watch only wallet

  2. To begin the wallet restoration create a new wallet file on the target device.
  3. Select multisignature wallet as the wallet type.
  4. Select from 3 cosigners require 2 signatures:
  5. Then select “use a master key”
  6. Enter the MPK of one of the cosigners:
  7. Electrum will echo that MPK back to you in the next step. Click next and choose “Enter cosigner key” and then enter the second cosigner’s key. Repeat this for the last and final cosigner.
  8. Electrum will ask you if you want to set a password for your wallet. This is a privacy feature:
  9. And then it shows you your wallet file with a warning that it’s a watch only wallet only:

You now have a watch-only counterpart to your 2fa wallet. You can view transactions and balances and hand out receive addresses with this wallet.