Restoring your MultibitHD or Bread Wallet in Electrum

You can restore your MultibitHD, Bread Wallet or Bitcoin Wallet for Android (Schildbach Wallet) in Electrum.

  1. You will need your seed words which are also known as wallet words or seed mnemonic. If you don’t have them written down use your wallet software to find them. Consult your wallet’s documentation if you don’t know how. If you’re using the Schildbach wallet use this tool to get your seed words.
  2. Follow the guide here to restore your wallet from seed keeping in mind two things:
    1. In step four after you enter the seed you have to click on options and check bip39. Make sure it says “bip39 checksum ok” next to the options button.
    2. In step five choose “legacy (p2pkh)” and set the derivation path as m/0′ for the derivation path. That’s a zero and a single quote.

If this is not working for you then make sure that, once you’ve entered the seed and checked bip39 in options, there is no message about failed checksums next to the options button. A failed checksum means that you’ve entered the wrong seed so double check what you’ve typed in. Also make sure you enter the correct derivation path m/0′ in the step after that. Electrum won’t stop you from creating a bip39 wallet with an incorrect seed or derivation path so you need to be mindful of this yourself.

27 thoughts on “Restoring your MultibitHD or Bread Wallet in Electrum”

  1. Hi, Thank you very much for this video.
    I think I read that if I sweep the private keys from my Multibit (Classic) wallet into an Electrum wallet, I can’t use the seed to restore those keys, i.e. the associated bitcoin. If I open a standard Electrum wallet and simply use the request method. I could send over a trial amount first and then add the rest and I’m guessing that the seed for these transactions would work if I ever needed to recover the wallet contents. Am I wrong?
    Thanks again.

    1. Sweeping is an on-chain transaction which means the coins will no longer be controlled by the multibit classic private keys. Instead they will be controlled by your electrum wallet. So create a standard electrum wallet making sure to write down the seed words and then sweep your multibit classic private keys into it. The electrum seed that you wrote down will be a sufficient backup for your bitcoins.

      Creating a wallet:

      Sweeping private keys:

  2. You are a dear. Thanks for the help. I am not on top of this stuff and was alarmed to suddenly notice, my money was “unconfirmed” and then that MultibitHD was pronounced dead a year ago or more! This got me to Electrum, which allowed me to send my coinage to another wallet of my choice.

    You rule!

  3. Didn’t work for me. I checked BIP39 but it didn’t find any of my transactions nor balance.

    I noticed though that there were 3 sub-options to select from, from the top of my mind (could be slighly wrong): BIP44, BIP89 etc.

    Which is the correct one?

    I’m using Electrum 3.1.x if that matters.

    1. You have to set a custom derivation path. See step 2b above. I’ve added a screenshot so that it’s clearer what you have to do.

  4. Thanks so much. I was trying a few times after my old MBHD client hit the password issue. The derivation path above was the key.

  5. very nice guide.
    I have a bech32 address in electrum, I tried recovering changing only the tyoe of addresses.
    I couldn’t recover all the adreesses: I see only a few of them. Which changes shall I do to this guide to see them all?
    thanks! f

      1. Hi
        I came across some help you gave to others about a multibit wallet problem. My father bought a bitcoin back in 2017 and had it in a multibit hd wallet. I didn’t know this and so could not help him earlier to try and move it. Anyway, the transaction seems to be stuck on ‘receiving’ in the wallet and unconfirmed. I have checked on the blockchain and it is confirmed and untouched. Have tried on a number of occasions to repair the wallet but will not confirm. I tried to import into electrum wallet with the seed but just shows the btc as watch only. Will private keys still be on his pc somewhere. I gather that the private keys are different in multibit classic compared to multibit hd?
        I have tried to follow your instructions on importing into electrum with a bip39 and seed but does not show up in the wallet. Only shows up if I scan the qr code and shows watch only as mentioned above.
        Thanks for any help

        1. Try restoring again using the seed in a new wallet file. Pay attention to 2a and 2b above. The bip39 checksum has to verify and the derivation path has to be the right one. If this doesn’t do it then create a thread on a community forum:

          1. Thanks, will give it a go. Just for info, I am setting up electrum wallet on my Mac, the original multibit wallet is on my fathers pc. Will this make any difference?. Thx again

  6. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.
    Brilliant easy to follow instructions, unlike the senseless drivel multibit directs one, to.

  7. I just found an old notebook of mine that has a multibit HD datestamp, wallet words, and password written in it. I remember opening this account but had since forgotten about it, not even sure if there are any BTC in there. Since I have the password / wallet words, what is the easiest way for me to access this account, or is it even possible? Thank you in advance for any info you may provide.

  8. Hello. I’ve just discovered a text file in my old files called multibithd with the following text written:

    *12 words*

    I followed your guide, the checksum comes out okay. I tried putting “2590/68” as possible derivate paths but couldn’t come up with any address with money, even though I believe there is money in this wallet. Any idea what the numbers mean?

  9. Do I have to create a new wallet to transfer my balance to, or is using the restored wallet just fine (to avoid the transaction fees)?

    Thanks a lot for this guide. I finally managed to restore my old MultiBit HD. I’ve tried to restore the old Multibit HD 0.5.1 wallet with this guide multiple times in September 2020 but was not successful. Now I’ve tried it again with Electrum 4.0.5 and managed to restore it on first try.

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